Our story begins with a lifelong love of candles. We honor what they signify and represent in so many ways. Light, stillness, vibe….. For us, lighting a candle always gave us a feeling of being present and comfortable in our space.  What we did begin to notice that we didn’t love was that so many of the candles we were purchasing were not burning well even after paying a luxury price. In the back of my mind I was also concerned about the chemicals in the wax that were there from the big box stores which led us down a path of experimentation.

This, coupled with an innate excitement for trying a new skill brought us to re-using old containers and doing some experimentation. Enter in an idea and now….. Adesse.

Adesse specializes in hand poured coconut soy wax candles that are created in small batches in St. Albert, AB Canada. All our products and suppliers are sourced within Canada and my fragrance oils  are paraben and phthalate free.

Adesse means to be present and in the moment. This is exactly what we want our customers to feel each and every time they light an Adesse candle.